Your Seamless divorce,

Your Amicable divorce,

And the power of ……………………


“Your best possible, highest paying, settlement.” 

Life After Divorce

You can visualise yourself smiling, in love and completely financially independent. You yearn for a peaceful and happy life. But while you have the courage and desire to move forward you don’t know where to start on this journey to recovery.


If that’s the case,

you’re in the right place,

 our purpose is to prevent Divorce mistakes. 

I’m a strategist, project manager, financial coach and a divorced woman. But first and foremost, I’m stronger than l thought. Just like you, I found the strength to start all over again. And a burning desire for a remarkable future!

Being process driven and looking for a seamless way to limit my emotional and financial stress, I exhausted all avenues to protect myself. I have spent tens of thousands on courses, read the books, the blogs and visited the so-called experts, anything to gain knowledge.

After a great deal of investigation, interviewing specialists and looking for the answers to my future success, I was saddened by the lack of information and support. So, l created an approach that WILL help guide you and your family, through the MINDFIELD of separation and divorce.  With multiple options, catered to your personal circumstances and budget, it no longer needs to be daunting. My 6 STEPS TO A SEAMLESS divorce Program means looking for the answers no longer needs to be intimidating. The answers are all here in one spot!



So if you are like me and don’t have time to make any unnecessary mistakes, waste valuable minutes, emotions and money, consider the ‘D’ word to mean ‘differently’ and contact me.

With my Army of Angels, we provide a tailored service like no other and have achieved outcomes which are simply amazing. Saving our clients up to 60% on legal fees and limiting blame and heartache.

Intrigued? What do you have to lose? Nothing but the cost of a phone call to find out there is a better way.




Join us at 6 Steps to a Seamless Divorce

How to maintain your emotional and mental wellbeing.

By using a seamless step by step process

That sees you achieving your most financially 

beneficial outcome possible, now and for the future.

It’s strange how life points you in the right direction. I was given Tanya’s number and have never looked back. She is a god’s send! The money I have saved by using her services, is not in the 100’s or 1000’s but the 10,000’s. Her team is simply amazing and her love and compassion of my situation, makes me wake up every morning knowing l will be OK. To be honest, I can’t wait to see what my future holds.


Primary School Teacher

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