What Responsibility do You Take for Your Husband Cheating?

Dealing with divorce

When we fall in love and decide on our life long partner, never do we think, it could one day fall apart.

Leaving us heartbroken, vulnerable and feeling alone. I remember once going to my clairvoyant, as l was always looking for answers to why my universe didn’t feel aligned. Sitting opposite me, she explained how she knew her husband would one day cheat on her yet she still married him. I found this interesting given her ability to prevent the pain associated with his betrayal. Instead, she spent 11 years with him and had two children. When l questioned her choices and queried WHY she answered directly. I would not be the person l am today nor would l have two beautiful children, if we did not get married.  She went on to explain, they had many wonderful times, and she was filled with love when she recalled the memories.