Fundamentals of LOVE

‘Love is like a jar of jelly beans:

overflowing, sweet, bright and beautiful.’

My mum 

As a little girl, I always loved fairy tales – I wanted my happily ever after.

 Then, as a young teenager, I remember my mum

and I having a conversation about what love was.  And mum, explaining

to me her analogy of ‘the jelly bean jar’. Mum said, ‘When people

fall in love with each other, there is a jar full to the brim with

bright, sweet, beautiful jelly beans. Those jelly beans represent their

love and commitment to each other. Over time, as the relationship grows and evolves, incidents happen, both good and bad. Pleasant actions increase jelly beans

and events that cause conflict remove jelly beans’.


An Angel Came To Me in My Dreams

Can you pinpoint the moment you knew everything was going to change?     angel

At some stage, you get to the point of no return. When the words are said, and you cannot take them back or forget you heard what you heard. Sometimes the venom in how the words are delivered is enough to rock your world, and we can retaliate without even thinking. How did our life come to this? How did my dream of happily ever after turning to the nightmare I am now living? The options are yours; you can continue to ignore the miserable existence your life has become or address it head on with the help of a team of experts, like my Army of Angels.

I once heard this story and it resonates today.

There once was a man who lived in a small village and one night in his sleep an angel came to him in his dreams.


What Responsibility do You Take for Your Husband Cheating?

Dealing with divorce

When we fall in love and decide on our life long partner, never do we think, it could one day fall apart.

Leaving us heartbroken, vulnerable and feeling alone. I remember once going to my clairvoyant, as l was always looking for answers to why my universe didn’t feel aligned. Sitting opposite me, she explained how she knew her husband would one day cheat on her yet she still married him. I found this interesting given her ability to prevent the pain associated with his betrayal. Instead, she spent 11 years with him and had two children. When l questioned her choices and queried WHY she answered directly. I would not be the person l am today nor would l have two beautiful children, if we did not get married.  She went on to explain, they had many wonderful times, and she was filled with love when she recalled the memories.


3 Sorts of Divorce Dilemmas


Did you know there is a science to a successful divorce?

Before even considering contacting a lawyer, it is important to understand which of the following categories your relationship breakdown falls into. The reason being is how you act and respond to your partner due to the hurt and emotions of the initial breakup and how it all played out. This history will impact on your behaviours and decisions. In my business, we look at each of these categories and consider the emotional needs of our clients. It is so important to treat every divorce differently as conflicting emotions are involved, and our client’s needs are unique to their situation. There is no cookie cutter formula when dealing with a divorce, and no two divorces are ever the same. That’s why it is so important to look at the merits of your circumstances in isolation and not think it possible to get the same outcome as a girlfriend or family member. Reason being you are not talking apples for apples. The costs involved from this point forth and the collateral damage caused all starts with how the breakup occurred.


The 8 Lessons Learnt from Divorce to Limit Grief & Save Money


Not only in my business but from my own life experience, uncertainty can be what makes us feel FEAR the most. When your life starts down the road of relationship separation and ultimately divorce proceedings, there is no rule book. This can increase our uncertainty and FEAR. These are the reasons, I formulated my method which can be followed to prevent mistakes. Dealing with women every day who are emotional and unsure of what lays ahead I have put together a list of issues which may arise. 

What other women say; divorce divorce divorce divorce divorce

Make sure you have a credit card in your name only and some rainy-day funds put aside. You don’t want your husband to cancel the card, if he is the primary account holder. If you are a stay at home mum with  little of no income getting a credit card can be difficult. Financial survival is one of the main reasons women stay in unhappy relationships. They have no way of surviving if they leave. This means prep work before you even consider flying the coup.