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And Divorce Starts Here

Divorce doesn’t need to be the end, it can be the start of a new chapter in your life story.

Through her best-selling separation and divorce services, book sales and ‘Army of Angels,’ Tanya inspires her clients to fulfil her 3 ‘P’s of divorce. Planning, Preparation and Protection. Inspiring them with a self-affirming sense of support and momentum to achieve what is possible.

Tanya proves that using a ‘step by step’ process, she can limit the stress and confusion when making extremely emotional and life-changing decisions. Helping her clients save time, money and emotions as they move closer to building the life they love.

This is why our 3 ‘P’s of divorce is a winning formula



Don’t worry, your best outcome is in the preparation. We can achieve this in a single Divorce Roadmap session.



Fulfilling your next steps, is a chain of action items and we have a service to suit.



Your future is everything you thought possible. Let us help make you feel safe once again.

About Me

(Divorce angel) 
and having been where you are right now, I wanted the Ultimate Divorce Experience.  I’d heard all the terrible stories about Lawyers ripping consumers off with prolonged settlements and unnecessary court proceedings.

Financial Advisors making money from their client’s misfortunes, I was on my own and felt overwhelmed.  So I put together a group of experts, leaders in their industries and total disruptors. Something had to change! So I developed a system.


“Couples Separation Simplified is like chicken soup for the soul”


Operations manager

“I got referred to Tanya via my mortgage broker and was a little sceptical. How wrong was I. She ran my divorce like a business but also showed compassion, high morals and reminded me of the life we had built together. This made negotiations easier. I would recommend Divorce Angel to everyone going through a divorce.”


Senior manager

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Unlocking the six key signals of an impending divorce

Have you been feeling that life is not what you expected, and something just isn’t right? The feelings and emotions that are welling up inside portray nothing like a happy relationship

23 Essential Items To Protect Yourself During Separation

Trying to negotiate at a time like this does take skill, preparation and patience. Being emotional adds another level of complexity AND prevents you from thinking clearly.

How To Choose The Right Lawyer

Having a team of experts, who you know will move mountains (or do everything in their power), to support and protect your best interest is paramount in getting your life back in order and helping build a solid future.


From Every Ending Comes a New Beginning

Divorce Success? It certainly doesn’t feel like that when you’re facing divorce, the death of your spouse, or any other equally challenging life transition. As a result, you’re probably feeling tired, stressed, ill-prepared, and confused. The result is usually inaction.

Inaction leads to your life crumbling in ruins. Consequently you want to reach out for help, but you don’t know where to go or who you can trust. What if the ”professionals” lack integrity and could take you for all you’re worth?

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