5 Steps to a Seamless Divorce Program


Does life feel like it’s in turmoil and you don’t know where to turn for help and support?

Are you having sleepless nights compounding the stress of every decision you’re supposed to be making right now?

Maybe like most people going through a separation and divorce, you continue looking for ways to prevent any unnecessary and costly mistakes but are paralysed by fear and uncertainty.

There are times in life when you can’t do it all by yourself and you need support and a proven process to follow. It doesn’t matter how intelligent, strong or wealthy you are.

5 Steps to a Seamless Divorce is just that. A step by step process which will assist to mitigate costs, help you feel in control and a supportive network you can rely on.

My program will assist you in the following areas;


Understanding your legal and financial risks.


Avoid costly mistakes that can save you thousands on legal fees.


Having a clear strategy and outcome.


Providing second opinions, to put your mind at ease.


Spreadsheets, Interview questions for your team, Divorce Folder and other tangible items.


And Divorce Coaching and support.

All of these areas are critical when you are at your weakest and feeling vulnerable and unsure.

Starting the process of ending your relationship is daunting. It is without a doubt the greatest hurdle and biggest fear for everyone who has experienced it and something you never dreamt would happen, otherwise, we wouldn’t get married… Right?

If this feels all to much, why not book a 15 min clarity call

Remember a marathon is won one step at a time but you need to start.

Unfortunately, ignorance is not a reason to do nothing, taking control of your future starts here and NOW.

And my hand holding system is helping our clients navigate the steps required to protect their futures and WILL help you!

We plan, prepare and protect our clients, by empowering them to control the process rather than the process control them.

‘Recently a senior manager from a leading bank gave me a call to explain
how a lawyer had instructed his client to not pay the mortgage,
forcing the wife to sell the family home
even though the man in question
earnt over $250,000.00 per annum.
His client now has defaults against his name and his credit rating damaged for years because the lawyer should never have instructed such a cause of action.
The Banks ‘Business Development Manager’ explained
that this is a growing issue causing
many people future financial problems and extreme hardship.’

This is just one of the many concerns we see, if you do not look at divorce holistically, you can make irreversible mistakes both emotionally and financially. We can outline the areas you should be mindful of and help you to guide your team and protect your future.

In our 5 Steps to a Seamless Divorce Program, we take you through all the cost-saving measures the lawyers don’t want you to know.

Making sure all the decisions about your future are supported with a financial benefit and heading you in the right direction, not backwards.

The divorce angel’s role is to help you implement and coordinate your team of experts and support a strategic plan to finalise your past relationship while helping build a solid direction for your future.

You can’t afford not to be part of this program.

This Is Achieved By:


Completion of your Divorce Roadmap.


Checklist and procedures to streamline effort and cost.


4 Steps to Financial Security Guarantee Course.


Help and support with your future needs.


Group Divorce coaching sessions online.


Ongoing support and second opinions by experts, if necessary.


Access to our Freedom File Course which has been developed with the help of financial advisors and legal support.


Referrals to our panel of trusted lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, counselling, child psychologist and any other service required to complete your separation and divorce needs.

To see if our program can help you

The 5 steps to a Seamless Divorce program is completely different from walking into a lawyers office and hoping for a positive outcome. Where you have no control over the costs rather living in fear of the impending legal bill and court hearing. There is a better way and that happens with Empowerment and Knowledge.

 Whether you have Millions of dollars of Assets or just your family home, we can help you put together a plan to support your best outcome and keep your costs low.


“Wow, Tanya is good. I had no idea where to start and was so overwhelmed I did nothing. This I found out later only made everything so much more complicated. If only I had contacted her earlier. The step by step process made me feel like l was getting somewhere and also making progress in improving my future. I am forever grateful.”

Business owner

“ 5 Steps to a Seamless Divorce is just that. Looking back l would have paid four times what I did, because of the outcome achieved. Not only financially but also emotionally for everyone involved, myself, my ex and the kid’s.”

Marketing manager