Your Divorce Angel

My Name is TANYA SOMERTON (Divorce Angel)

Having been where you are right now, I wanted the Ultimate Divorce Experience.  I’d heard all the terrible stories about Lawyers ripping consumers off with prolonged settlements and unnecessary court proceedings.

Financial Advisors making money from their client’s misfortunes, I was on my own and felt overwhelmed.  So I put together a group of experts, leaders in their industries and total disruptors. Something had to change! So I developed a system.

Seamless step by step process, that see you achieve your most financially beneficial outcome possible while maintaining your emotional and mental wellbeing. Giving ongoing support, looking after your best interest and setting you up for TOTAL success?

When you work with me and my Army of Angels, I will encourage and help you rebuild your life. I will empower you to take control of your decisions and future while holding your hand and guiding you with compassion, love and understanding. Especially relevant, I will provide as much tough love as you can handle to limit costs and help you build an extraordinary future with my Seamless and Amicable divorce process. This is a proven step by step guide to limit mistakes, save time and money.

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Divorce is very challenging for all parties regardless of the circumstances that lead to the separation, and so often a lonely one, having a team of people supporting you across all areas as you go through this process is invaluable.

One of the biggest challenges I faced as I went through my marriage breakdown was knowing who to turn to for expertise and professional advice through a process I had never experienced before and during this already emotional time.

If I had known Tanya and her army of angels at the time, I believe that a lot of the anxiety, second guessing and questioning about the decisions I needed to make and whether the advice was really in my best interests, would have been minimised if not removed.   Having an army of angels on my team would have given me the confidence to act knowing I was doing so in an informed manner would have made the situation clearer and seem more manageable.

I would highly recommend that any one facing divorce read Tanya’s book and meet with her to discover how to get your own army of angels on your team.


CEO, Evolution Leadership International