Melissa Davis started her business After The Affair, when she saw a need in the market for help and support for the cheated partner. It is a very unique situation; the guilt, the embarrassment and shame. There needed to be a program to address his or her needs on how to heal and putting back the jigsaw pieces of your life.

Having been put in the position with a young baby, Melissa struggled to heal and move on after she found out about her husband’s affair. She wondered why she felt the way she did and continually asked herself, was she not good enough? What did she do wrong? She felt guilt, embarrassment and shame.

After separating and becoming a single mother, money was tight, and she did not have the funds to see a counsellor or therapist and went looking for a resource she could afford. There was nothing, so she decided to put it together herself to help others in the same position.

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