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No Divorce is easy. But with the right support and guidance from like minded people, we can help limit your mistakes and help you to be bigger and stronger than you thought possible.

And build a solid road to recovery, then let’s have a free half an hour discovery call.

You are not alone

If you are interested but feeling a little bit hesitant and scared, (that is natural), think how amazing it will feel having an Army of Angels, protecting your every move. Guiding you, providing valuable know-how and coaching you to your next chapter, in your amazing life!


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At 36 years of age, I could never have imagined I was getting a DIVORCE.

I had always been in control of my life both personally and professionally, so to find myself in this vulnerable place was pure torture, completely out of my comfort zone and fueled with immense fear.

I was cursing the world! However, to my surprise inadvertently the universe was looking after me. It sent Tanya Somerton into my world.

I already had 10’s of thousands of dollars in legal bills and was getting nowhere quick. I was stressed, anxious and displaying severe manic behaviour to the point my mother had considered hospitalising me. My business was failing, and my whole world was crumbling at my feet. Then, I meet Tanya! She spoke about her ‘Army of Angels’, at first, I was extremely apprehensive about letting people into my life after the trust in my marriage had been broken. However, I’m so grateful I did. Tanya introduced me to her team of Psychologists, Legal Representatives, Financial Advisers and Accountants who looked after my best interests. This was a relief, but then she went one step further and even had a fashion stylist to help me feel fab on the outside too.

While the emotional aspect of my divorce didn’t go away overnight my stress, anxiety, manic behaviour was eliminated almost immediately. The team made me feel like someone had my back and allowed me to heal.

A year or so on and I don’t even recognise that person of the past. I am grateful for the invaluable lesson’s, I am stronger than I have ever been and the best part is I’m no longer the control freak I once was, and life is now bliss.

It’s so liberating to be free and the future brighter than I thought possible.

Tanya and the team, you are beyond words!! You have now become my friends, but more importantly, you are the family that I have chosen. Thank You for being my backbone when I was weak. Thank You for ensuring I didn’t end up broke, Thank You for being conscious decision makers when I was unable, Thank You for allowing me to be a mess when I was incapable of being strong and Thank You for giving me hope for a fantastic future. You ladies absolutely ROCK!!!