Couples Separation Simplified

There are so many ways to formally end a relationship. Most involve hurting each other, with no winners only losers.

Fighting over assets but forgetting about the cost of the litigation and the emotional turmoil for not only you but your extended friends, family and children. All of them probably feeling helpless as they stand by and watch you and your ex tear each other apart.

For what in most cases doesn’t get you any further in life, but rather leaving you bitter and hurt for years, if not decades to come.

Sometime later you regret the actions you took for no real reward and wonder if you could have tackled the separation process differently.

Ending your marriage does not need to be the end of your relationship. It can be the end of the marriage but the beginning of something different, a relationship that has you raising your children together or simply being able to be in the same room without everyone feeling awkward.

Being fair and reasonable together can help you both rebuild from a place of love, friendship and support. While helping you start a new future and not feeling like you have been assaulted by the outcome.

If there was a better way to end your marriage, a way that made you feel empowered and leaving the pain and suffering in the past where it belongs, would you consider the alternative?

The court system is backlogged and unworkable. And after witnessing the frustrations of even the best lawyers who want to save their clients time, money and emotional disharmony, the system simply doesn’t allow it. The easiest issues become insurmountable and arduous.

This process will only work if you are both:


Looking for an alternative rather than going to a lawyer.


Prepared to work together for the best outcome of each other and the family.


Looking for a quick and efficient way to finalise your relationship and move on.


Work within and follow the guidelines of the Family Law Act.


Split the cost and keep them low, therefore, having more money for your futures and to help you start again.


Wanting a quick turnaround.

Even the lawyers l have explained this process too are blown away by its simplicity and wonder why no one else has considered such a formula. To me, the answer is easy, because no one makes money if it is quick and easy. The legal system is designed to prolong and confuse those within it.

Our main drivers and purpose are to help as many people as possible to save money, time and emotions, so they can move on to their next chapter.

For those couples who still want to remain friends and divide their assets amicably, why not consider our Couples Separation Simplified Process.


We help our clients finalised their relationship together by;


Assistance and guidance with dividing assets.


Superannuation split


Paying out liabilities and debts


Referrals to support networks, if required.


Financial assistance


Parenting agreements, if needed


Completing and submitting consent orders to the court.


And more.

We help by providing all the paperwork, procedures and legal platform to finalise your relationship as quickly as you can supply the information required. If you both want to work together and put the money you save towards your new future, we couldn’t be happier.

The Couples Separation Simplified process is only suitable for a small number of couples and we will only work with those who agree to our terms.

Both parties are on the same page and agree to save money and get their separation finalised in a quick and timely manner. With no input from lawyers other than guidance on a financial split agreeable by the family court as being fair and reasonable. Both parties agree to work together for the best outcome for the family and share costs.

Couples Separation Simplified is like chicken soup for the soul.

Mel, 43-year-old
Operations manager

We had both worked too long and hard to give away our money to greedy lawyers in what we saw was a corrupt system. We heard about Tanya from our mortgage broker and loved the concept of being efficient and using a system which did not distribute blame to either party. Hallelujah because we are still friends and want the best for each other.


Our situation was complex, with a few properties and some business debt. To be honest, everyone said you need to see a lawyer to get this sorted, but Tanya and her team had us both feeling calm and in good hands from the first meeting. Now it is over, I can see why the other options available to us, would have cost so much. Tanya’s one stop divorce shop simplified everything and save us a fortune. That money will now be used to support our boys as they complete high school.

46 Year-old