Divorce Angel Podcast

This is the Divorce Angel Podcast with Tanya Somerton. I’m obsessed with helping clients chart a course through the complex process of divorce and embracing a new life. I teach clients how to Prepare, Plan and Protect themselves from further heartache with my step by step process and I’d like to help you too.

Through storytelling and education, I will share the lessons I teach my clients to help you prevent unnecessary and costly mistakes. Giving you the inside information that the lawyers don’t want you to know and the tools to help protect yourself financially and emotionally. Just remember divorce doesn’t need to be the end, it can be an exciting beginning.


Dare To Be Alone

The main reason why most of us are afraid of being alone is that we will have to spend time with our thoughts, and in addition, we will have to face our...

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Who Are You Listening To

Choosing the right person for advice during our divorce could be the difference between having an amicable separation or living a nightmare. In this episode,...

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Learn To Like Yourself

It might happen that our ex-spouse did or said something that hurt us, and even after some time, we can't get over it. And we might even be in our right of...

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Walk Through Your Feelings

When someone asks us how are we doing, we usually answer everything is okay, even when it is not. For whatever reason, we tend to hide our feelings, not...

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Let Yourself Mourn

Letting go when we are going throw a divorce is perhaps one of its most complex parts. And not only let go of assets and lifestyle but also people. It is a...

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Letting Go

Wanting always more and working hard to get better is a worthy journey all of us should embark on. But sometimes, it can be a dangerous trip; we might get too...

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Why Is This So Painful

One of the things I see many clients struggle with and something I've struggled with myself during my divorce is the fear of losing status. The car we drive,...

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