Divorce Angel Podcast

This is the Divorce Angel Podcast with Tanya Somerton. I’m obsessed with helping clients chart a course through the complex process of divorce and embracing a new life. I teach clients how to Prepare, Plan and Protect themselves from further heartache with my step by step process and I’d like to help you too. 

Through storytelling and education, I will share the lessons I teach my clients to help you prevent unnecessary and costly mistakes. Giving you the inside information that the lawyers don’t want you to know and the tools to help protect yourself financially and emotionally. Just remember divorce doesn’t need to be the end, it can be an exciting beginning. Less


#001 – Divorce Introduction

Hello and welcome to the very first Divorce Angel podcast. I’m your host and divorce angel Tanya Somerton.  This podcast has been such a long time in the making and I’m so excited to bring it to you.

As a child of divorce and then having been through a divorce myself after 22 years of marriage, I found the stigma around the subject fascinating. While also struggling to find out why there is this cloak of darkness around streamlining the process and looking for a better way. Lawyers think of divorce as a legal process, the rest of us see it as a life-changing and heartbreaking experience.  Read More…


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