Divorce Concierge

Your Personal Divorce Angel is a premium concierge service if you don’t know where to start and have all kinds of personal obstacles preventing you from moving forward.

Such as –


Simply can’t face the mess and feel bewildered.


Have time restraint.


Need someone to push you to get it done.


Have never looked after the family finances and need help and support to make the right decisions for your future.


Have a complex asset pool and are worried about tax implications and other liabilities.


Don’t know where to start to find a team of top-notch professionals – Your own ‘Army of Angels’.


Just can’t be bothered and want someone to take over.

Time: We use processes and procedures to streamline your separation and divorce experience and engage the experts required from our panel of qualified ‘Army of Angels’. And project manage your Divorce. If you have professionals who you trust and rely on, we can work with them collectively to streamline the outcome.

Money: By leveraging our concierge service, together we can achieve a high-level picture of the best outcome. And work together as an effective team allowing you to focus on the important things in life.

Emotions: The most significant mistake made by those going through a divorce is making decisions on emotions. Setting a sequence of events in place which may be costly and have serious consequence. A divorce concierge can be your sounding board to help address, prevent and control this from occurring.

‘Because Divorce is so much more than going to a lawyer’

How we assist our clients:

  • Ally needed to sell her home urgently. We assisted with getting the property on the market, including staging, increasing the sale price by $110K more than had been previously quoted. We also negotiated a $30K commission reduction. Overall benefit was $140,000.00 to the asset pool.
  • Mary operates a very large company with a turnover of $40 Million per annum. She does not have time to prioritise her divorce. We assisted with accountants meetings, updating her financial advisor and providing direction to her lawyer. Bringing her team together and saving her valuable time better spent in her business. While she is working ‘things just get done’.
  • Charlie had a property portfolio and wanted to keep them all. So we assisted with a financial review, property valuations and a ‘keep’ strategy, including paying out his spouse. The due diligence provided a clear vision for his future and allowed his lawyer to move swiftly. Helping to provide an amicable split so they could both move on and remain amicable.
  • Lynda was a stay at home wife of 30 years, with no idea how the family business was run. We assisted by reviewing the family’s financial position. Attending meetings and organising her future needs. Lynda needed a hand holding process which has made her stronger and taught her to be empowered.


Wondering where to start and not wanting to make any unnecessary mistakes.

Here’s the thing

I know exactly how you feel having been there and struggled myself to know what steps to take and in what order. I personally thought you just waited 12 months and got divorced but no, there are legal stages depending on your circumstances.

Addressing this before the 12 months separation period is over, should be your priority because the consequence can be costly.

What does this mean for you? Stories from some of our clients (sometimes a decade or more after the marriage ended)…….

Imagine you get a pay rise or bonus, your partner may be entitled to half.

You want to stay in the family home. The equity increases, and therefore you need to borrow more to pay your ex out. If only you had settle years earlier you would have saved a fortune and not put yourself into so much debt.

Your partner gambles or takes drugs. Spending money out of family bank accounts or property equity, which you may never get back.

Partner goes bankrupt and the liquidator comes after the equity in the family home to pay off creditors. Leaving you with very little or worst still, NOTHING.

You build up your business because of hard work and dedication to only share the proceeds with your ex as at the date of settlement not separation.

You work hard to increase your Super balance only to be told your partner is entitled to half.

These are just a few stories from our clients which in hindsight they wished they had done something sooner, if only they were aware and had someone to help and assist.

There is a place for all professionals and my system brings together everyone necessary to protect your overall outcome.

Our results are amazing with some clients saving up to 60% on legal fees alone. But the best part is the understanding from people who have been where you are right now. Who know the internal battles and feelings associated with such a major life-changing experience. And where ‘Compassion’ comes in every and all dealings.

So if you are looking for a different, more appealing way to finalise your relationship

I contacted Tanya after hearing about her service. At that point, I had spent $65,000.00 with a legal firm and 18 months. Feeling like l was getting nowhere. Tanya sat me down and together we devised a strategy. 3 Months later and $5,500.00, it was over. I wish l had known about Divorce Angel earlier, my bank balance could look a lot healthier

Sales rep

I got referred to Tanya via my mortgage broker and was a little sceptical. How wrong was I. She ran my divorce like a business but also showed compassion, high morals and reminded me of the life we had built together. This made negotiations easier. I would recommend Divorce Angel to everyone going through a divorce.

Senior manager