Divorce Roadmap

Ever wondered why so many people have disastrous experiences when going through a separation or getting divorced?  Simple answer – lack of control with no clear picture or outcome. Just hoping for the best.

If it’s not bad enough your emotional life is in turmoil,  you then have to find the strength required to manage a process which at any stage could get out of control causing more stress and anguish not to mention unnecessary cost.

Paralysed by inaction. Most people have no idea where to begin, who to contact first and worry the wrong decision could jeopardise their future.

There is so much to think about, but where to start?

Listening to friends, family and colleagues, who relay their experience and horror stories seems wise. But every divorce is different and no two experiences the same. If only there were a Roadmap to follow.

How do you move forward, when the wrong decisions could strangle your future?

At Tanya Somerton, our victories come from simple procedures and a guiding document that all our clients MUST adhere too. It’s our framework, our bible, and manual. Success comes from preparation and agreed principles. Our Divorce Roadmap provides clients with the gift of knowledge, direction and a clear strategy. They feel empowered and in control.

Your Divorce Roadmap Session will enable you to:

→Uncover your greatest struggles

→Prioritise immediate concerns

→Outline needs and wants for the future

→Highlight possible risks, and

→Provide a list of next steps, including your much-needed team members. 

This is a must for anyone going through a Separation or Divorce. This session will provide a clear representation of your current position. Including what requirements need to be addressed in priority order to help you move on. Finalising your relationship to achieve a successful outcome requires a helicopter view covering legal, financial and emotional concerns. This process is vital in outlining the steps to get maximum value from your team of experts and to save you time, money and support a happy and healthy future.

Every client is different and having a clear action plan is the key to success, acceptance and picking up the pieces.

To make our clients’ lives easier, we provide two options. We can carry out your session over Zoom or Skype, (help available if you are not technology minded here) to cut costs, prevent reorganising your life and get things started. This also allows us to help clients all over Australia.

But if you prefer we can also organise an in-person session with a time that suits.

Once we have completed your Divorce Roadmap, you can start putting together your own team of experts and form your action plan. This clarity will help you make the correct decisions to achieve your best outcome possible.

A Divorce Roadmap is so comprehensive Emma recently saved $16,000.00 in her session alone!

Or, you can continue working with us in our 5 Steps to a Seamless Divorce Program. Where we will do it all for you. Saving you time, stress and helping you manage your future. ‘Because Divorce is so much more than going to a lawyer!’

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Success starts with being smart, taking action and having a plan.

What people are saying about Divorce Roadmap…

I had no idea the financial problems our family was in. I went to work every day, trusting my husband was paying the bills.  Thinking our life was improving and we were getting somewhere together. Until the day, I got to the letterbox before my husband. Finding letter after letter of overdue and default notices, my reality came crashing down. Trust was gone and l have never felt so out of control and alone. Tanya helped me through this minefield and my Divorce Roadmap Session provided the clarity l needed to leave my husband and organise my future.


51 years old School Teacher

It had been two years since my ex-husband and I had separated and l had achieved nothing. I’d seen two lawyers but neither inspired me to take action. I knew I needed to do something because my life was standing still. I had a Divorce Roadmap Session with Tanya and within weeks was empowered to get my life back and take the steps necessary to organise my mess. 


42-year-old Operations Manager

I’m speechless, simply speechless! Who would have thought such a service was available. Tanya deescalates the situation making you think differently, therefore saving me the money l needed to start my new life. 


38-year-old stay at home mum