In my previous five podcasts I took you though 5 stages that you should face and overcome when dealing with Divorce.  In this podcast I want to summaries these new ways and take you though how I get disclosure from clients and ultimately just make their life easier.  

I want you to be honest with yourself and ask yourself, which part of these steps you are at right now? Victim, Overwhelm, Acceptance, Focus or Victor? Sometimes you may feel a mixture of it all or few and that would just mean that you haven’t finished everything before you’ve moved up to the next part.

Think before you move on because there’s nothing worse than moving from one relationship into another and not having finalized everything. The preparation mode and planning is the key to a Successful Divorce. That’s what my job is all about, try and streamline the whole process of Divorce. I just want this whole process of separation and divorce to be as efficient and as quick as possible.

Sometimes in a separation or a divorce you really do get to know the sort of person you are moving forward. I hope you find some useful tips in this podcasts. 


5 Steps to Seamless Divorce:

5 Steps To Seamless Divorce


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