What makes your divorce services different to others?

We use a holistic and all rounded approach to divorce. Before even commencing with the separation or divorce process it is important to understand the circumstances behind the relationship breakdown. The kind of person your ex-spouse is, and your overall goals during and after the proceedings. Then, we can work to achieve your outcome, provide a plan and appropriate guidance. By understanding the sorts of people you are and the things that are important, we can minimise your costs.

Why is it important to understand the kind of person my ex-spouse is?

This is one of the keys to success. Knowing the physiology and behaviours behind why he acts the way he does. This allows us to place you with a lawyer best situated for those circumstances. For instance; If your ex is a bully, you will need a lawyer who is not intimidated easily and will stand up for your best interest. We have seen occurrences where lawyers just want to give in to demands to finalise a file because the opposite side is domineering and intimating.


 Do l need to use a lawyer?

In some circumstance, we will guide you to use a mediator instead of a family lawyer. A mediator is an excellent alternative if you and your partner can communicate and have similar wishes for the separation and the future.

Why fee for service?

The biggest concern for those dealing with divorce is MONEY. Having a sense of security is critical. This is done by always knowing the cost of the services you are engaging. The last thing you want right now is to be lumbered with an extravagant bill and not expecting it and worrying about how you will effort the fee. It also means YOU control the spending. Always consulted and controlling the outcome. The biggest benefit, especially in the legal field is not being overcharged. When you deal with a legal firm, who charge by 6-minute increments your fees build up very quickly. Even when you have a question, some clients are too scared to ask because they will be invoiced. At the end of the proceeding, the difference in these two forms of billing can be as much as a 60% savings. For instance; we recently had a client who paid us $8,000.00, and the ex-partner paid $39,000.00. Same agreed outcome, same correspondence, different ways of charging.

What other legal services do you provide?

  • Estate planning
  • Company Law
  • Property and conveyancing
  • General advice


 Why is having a money mindset so necessary?

From this point forward you will need to be well aware of your money and where it is being spent. Controlling your money is powerful stuff, and it gives you choices if you have the right advice and have a solid plan for your future. An investment strategy and a comprehensive plan will help you move forward with your life knowing that you are protected. It also means you will never need to rely on anyone else again. When the time is right for you to move on and fall in love, you will be looking for an equal, not someone to take care of you because you will have that all under control.

Can you explain why l might need a mortgage broker at this time?

A mortgage broker should be an essential part of your future plan. Having her as a contributor will help your lawyer in dividing the assets. Making sure you can afford to stay in your home or maybe assisting your financial advisor with equity release for the purpose of future investments. You should be addressing your current mortgage situation as part of your financial separation and making sure all documents are updated appropriately.

Can you please explain your ‘Army of Angels’?

Yes, certainly. Each of these businesses is owned and operated by brilliant and business savvy people.  All the subject matter experts who lead teams of companies which come together for our clients best outcomes. As a group, we work together to discuss and formulate a successful plan for you. This is something that is not done in the ‘Old Fashion’ way of getting divorced. This allows our clients to communicate with all different areas at once and have an all-inclusive conversation about an issue. As the saying goes; Many hands make light work. An example of this was when we had a client who owned a business, and the husband wanted the company. We were able to work together; accountant, financial advisor, and lawyer to restructure the business and protect the client’s assets. An army of experts (Angels) to protect your outcome is priceless.


Do I need to use all of your services?

NO, if you have a lawyer, accountant, mortgage broker, etc., who knows your circumstances and who you trust, that is what we want. We would love to support your team in the areas of expertise they are lacking. Or you may just want to be part of our tribe and join our Facebook group and be included in our programs and retreats.

Why is it so important to view divorce holistically and not just go to a lawyer or accountant?

Here in Australia, 50% of first-time marriages fail, 75% of second and a whopping 90% of third marriages end in divorce. These are such alarming figures. Our research has shown that individuals are not addressing the reasons behind their first time failed marriage. They instead jump from relationship to relationship and don’t discuss the reasons things aren’t working or protect themselves with empowerment. Meaning they don’t need another partner to be in a relationship. Our purpose is to help our clients get back on their feet, emotionally and financially. Set them up for future success and empowerment. This prevents the need to be with just anyone. It also allows the person to be self-sufficient. The benefit of this is ‘choice’. Choice, to be in a future relationship with someone who enhances your life and who you want to be with.