What makes your divorce services different to others?

There is no other service, that we are aware of, like ours.

From Backyard BBQ’s to Board Meetings, 95% of separated and divorced people had the same stories of woe. Whether they thought they had won, people still felt like losers. Having regrets for their actions, or the costs overall. Hindsight brought wisdom. Somehow feeling like they had lost a piece of themselves in the process. How can there be divorce without destruction?

Lawyers aren’t going to address the issue society has with this process, as they are part of the problem. Even the good lawyers, don’t know where to start.

These questions continually rolling around Tanya’s mind.

Why isn’t there a strategy?
Because what YOU do today impacts YOUR tomorrow.

Why isn’t the overall process managed like a project?
To give YOU the perfect second change in life.

Why isn’t there a budget estimate?
Or a crystal ball into cutting legal costs.

Divorce Angel answers these concerns. Sharing the secrets we would tell our children, family or best friends if they were to go through a separation or divorce.

Do l need to use a lawyer?

Yes, we are not lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, etc. We are your champions, your support team, the glue that holds everything together.

We have panels of experts, that we have searched Australia to find. Our tribe, who believe that divorce doesn’t need to be hard and our lawyers are ‘Outcome focused not Income focused.’ You can of course choose your own Lawyer or team member.

In some circumstances, we may support and guide you to use a Mediator or our Couples Separation Simplified Process instead of a Family Lawyer.

There are many excellent alternative if you and your partner can communicate and have similar wishes.

If you would like to know more about, how to choose the right divorce lawyer, list to this podcast

Why fee for service?

The biggest concern for those dealing with Divorce and Separation is MONEY and having a sense of SECURITY. Both are critical to feel in control. That’s why we manage costs of the services you engage in and discuss BUDGET.

The last thing you want right now is to be lumbered with an extravagant bill. Having a strategy helps manage and control the outcome.

One of our Fee For Service Lawyers will provide an upfront price which will allow you to sleep better at night.

Recently our client spent $5,200.00 on legal fees and her husband $35,000.00. The difference is massive.

Why is having a money mindset so necessary?

From this point forward you will need to be well aware and in control of your financial future.  No one else can do this for you. Controlling your money is powerful stuff.  An investment strategy and a comprehensive plan will help you move forward. With this knowledge the future is bright.

What is an ‘Army of Angels’?

An ‘Army of Angels’ can be as many or little professionals you need to help you get through this period of your life.

You may only need a lawyer, or a complete support group.

Do I need to use all of your services?

NO, if you have a lawyer, accountant, mortgage broker, counsellor etc., who you trust, we can work with them.

We would love to support your team in the areas of expertise they are lacking. Or you may just want to be part of our tribe and join our Facebook group and be included in our programs and retreats.

Why is it so important to view divorce holistically and not just go to a lawyer or accountant?

Here in Australia, 50% of first-time marriages fail, 75% of second and a whopping 90% of third marriages end in divorce. These are such alarming figures. Our research has shown that individuals are not addressing the core reasons behind their failed relationships. 

Our purpose is to help our clients get back on their feet, emotionally and financially. Set them up for future success and empowerment. 

Why would l use your service when l can go directly to a lawyer?


Have you ever heard…. If you don’t have a plan, you become part of someone else’s? The current system is antiquated, and the client just does what they are instructed. In other words,the lawyers win, no matter what. Imagine walking into a lawyer’s office well informed, prepared with a strategic plan. Who’s in control of your future, then?” You are!

Lawyers also don’t provide the emotional support and financial outlook that is required for a happy future.  The word Divorce means so much more than just going to a lawyer. Not having a coordinated approach will not only cost you money, but it will also cause doubt. And a confused mind makes mistakes.

Working with Divorce Angel, we have a holistic team approach to every divorce and this formula has saved our clients time, money, stress and unnecessary heartache.

If I already have a lawyer but am concerned things aren't moving as quickly as they should or feel unprotected, can you help?

Yes, we help people who already have a lawyer, get things back on track. We do this by discussing their concerns and then providing feedback and strategies to be back in control. In many cases, you may be too invested with time or money to change lawyers. So knowing how to work with the lawyer to complete the process is critical. Otherwise, the fees keep piling up, and you become disgruntled with the outcome.


If you would like to review your current situation you can book into Tanya’s calendar on this link.