Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about my philosophy of divorce and how it requires us to go through five stages. This is the fourth stage in this process of a successful divorce. Once you’ve gone through each and every one of these stages, you will really grow and evolve as a person. When someone is in focus, they know what they want, and prepared no matter what to reach the goal, and are 100% committed to the outcome.This is where we get laser-sharp on who we need in our team, what outcome we want, and how we’re going to go about achieving it.

Time is the most valuable commodity that we have in the world yet people take it for granted. Being ‘Focus’ helps us to answer how to get about the divorce as well as the second step which probably is the most important one – “How do I start the rest of my life thereafter?”.

Knowing what you want is probably the hardest thing you ever had to do, but it can be done. This is the part where you can turn your life around. Where your wildest dreams can come true. Where you realize you are stronger than you ever thought possible. Where moving on is full of excitement. You just have to think about it and then put the steps in place

  • Plan
  • Be prepared
  • Protect yourself 

This requires a strong mind to know the actions you have taken are the right ones for you. All of that together is where we get laser focus, that’s how we get the outcome that we need.


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