The divorce process can be costly. It can vary depending on the size of the law firm we hire, the lawyer we get and many other factors. Still, there is a way to spend less money, and it depends entirely on the way we decide to tackle it down. Listen to my latest podcast and find out if your divorce solicitor cost you money, or are you taking wrong decisions for yourself. 
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What people expect on a first meeting with the lawyer [00:01:45]

The divorce ecosystem is disconnected [00:03:00]

How we spend more than needed on the lawyer’s office [00:06:00] 

Work smarter not harder [00:07:30]

Not being organized or prepared is costly [00:10:30]

You should not do this alone [00:14:00]



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Hey friends, and welcome back to the podcast. Today I thought we would have a chat about something that is a little bit outside of the box. And the thing with the divorce industry, and what I call the divorce ecosystem, is there are so many pieces of the pie. Not only we need lawyers, but we also need as well financial advisors and accountants, real estate agents and other experts to help us get organized. 

That’s why you will have heard me say before divorce is so much more than going to a lawyer because we need all these different experts to help us get through and finalize our divorce. I’ve been on a zoom meeting with a colleague in Canada. I love her to bits. She’s amazing. She’s been a divorce attorney for over 20 years. 

She’s got a lot of skills in this area. Because we help people all over the world get organized and prepared for their divorce, I need to understand what different countries are doing, and why they’re doing it. The rule of thumb is it does not matter where are you from the preparation is the same everywhere. And it’s the biggest thing that people do not get right. They turn up to the attorney or their lawyer, and they sit there, and it’s like they want to be entertained. Maybe the word entertained sounds like you want fun. You might be there right now. 


There’s so much going on in your life, you are out of control and looking for someone to put formalities back into your life, so you feel like you’ve got some stability. And it’s the biggest issue, this is the problem. The problem is that when we go to a lawyer, we are vulnerable, we are in the most disarray that we’ve ever been in our entire life. Yet, it’s the time that we need to be the most organized. 

Can you see why this is such a disconnect in the divorce ecosystem? It’s so flawed. When we feel our worst and feel like nothing is going right, at our most vulnerable, we go and talk to a lawyer.

And everything gets worse. It gets more out of control. On my meeting today, with Val, we were talking through some of the issues that she sees, and some of the issues that I’ve witnessed. Because I’ve been through a divorce, I come from a place of having dealt with it first hand. So it’s not like lawyers talking to lawyers, I’m representing you, the person that’s going through the divorce. And she’s coming from a perspective of, this is what I’ve witnessed and what I’ve seen, and this is why it costs so much money. 

My job is to save you money. But if no one else is sharing this information, from where would you get it? I want to be known as the fountain of information when it comes to divorce. I want to help people all over the world get through this. Val and I were having a chat and I said to her look, this is what I’ve witnessed. I’ve seen that people turn up to lawyers, and they expect the lawyer to babysit them.

That is what I expected from my lawyer as well at the time. I’ve got a process-driven background, and come from an operational and auditory place of business. So I knew a lot of the stuff, which helped me, and fumble my way through my divorce because it was already embracing me. It was something that I was doing daily. So I’d turned up with a lot of it because it was what I used to do. But I am one of 0.0001% of people that had a job like that. Now, a lot of you guys out there don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. You have no idea what it looks like to be prepared to go and see a solicitor, and what they will ask you, what do they need to know? 

In this conversation Val was saying to me, people turn up to write down their name. How do you spell that? We’ve got to ask some questions about their children, about how much they’ve earned, what assets they brought into the relationship. Divorce is a resource-intensive process, and there’s no machine and there’s nothing that can streamline it, or get it done quickly.

You must do the work yourself. Now, what does that mean? It means you must be prepared and planned, and then protected. Those are my three P’s of divorce, prepared, planned and protected. Now we’re talking about preparation. You must be sure that you have your information all put together, and you can supply it to your lawyer. Can you imagine how much time and money that saves? Because if you’re handing over a resource that has provided all the stories of your relationship, the lawyer can get straight into fixing the problem. 

Given the information you’ve provided me, this is my advice, or this is your legal entitlement, the lawyer would say. Right from the start, you’re getting value from your first meeting with your attorney, because you’ve turned up prepared. This scenario that I’ve just painted to you is, if anything, maybe 2% of people attending a legal meeting like that. We’ve heard the accountant talk before about people that keep all their receipts in the shoeboxes. I’ve heard stories from lawyers and attorneys, where people turned up with a folder or a bag next to them. Oh, hang on a minute. Let me provide this to you. And this might sound like you, or this might be what you were thinking that you needed to do. Going to a lawyer that way is going to cost you “coin”. It’s going to cost you money. And I want everyone to walk away from their relationship with their hard-earned money in the back pocket so they can spend it on their future, not on a legal bill. I hope you’re understanding what I’m trying to say. I don’t want you to spend your money on a legal bill. I want you to be prepared, planned, and protected. 

Val and I were talking about where she sees some of the greatest issues. And like I said the word babysitting comes to mind. Lawyers, even though a lot of us think that they make a lot of money, the truth is the complete opposite. Unless there have a big business, or maybe the owners are making big money, but the solicitors themselves doing the work, they’re not making great money as what people think. There’s a lot of battling lawyers out there that are trying to do the best that they can. And they want to help more people, but they can’t. Because their clients are unorganized. 

If you’re going through this stage, your whole mind is disorganized. Everything inside of you feels completely unnatural and out of control. So how can you be in control of something, when you don’t know where to start?

I’m not pointing fingers, what I’m doing is outlining the issues that we have in this ecosystem, that is broken because people are not aware of them. But this is the risk that you’re running. If you’re at the stage where you’re about to interview a lawyer, or if you’ve already hired a lawyer, I hope you get what I’m sharing here. Not being organized or prepared is costly. 

All you need to do is, if you’re not emotionally strong enough at the moment to deal with this, don’t use your lawyer as a counsellor. Go to see someone who can calm you down, and help you feel a little bit more in control of your life, because you need that control, to be able to manage your legal team. The lawyer is not the babysitter, you’re the babysitter. It’s your job to manage the lawyer. And that’s what’s so hard about this whole thing. Because we’ve never dealt with major life experience, such as a relationship breakup, where everything feels like it’s falling apart. Then is when you need to be your strongest, the whole thing is contradictory. My goal is to help you. My goal is to give you this information and put it together, so it makes your life easier. 

The team and I have put together what we call the Covert Divorce Plan. It’s a short video series that can help you understand what information you need to be putting together, and how you provide that to your lawyer on your first meeting. It can save you thousands of dollars. Val has just pointed out that for some clients at this initial stage, it can be anywhere up to 10 hours worth of work. So just imagine it 10 hours worth of work. And if your lawyer is charging, let’s say $400 an hour, that’s $4,000.

Please don’t give it to them, I want you to prepare yourself, we’re going to change this. You will be in control of what your lawyer is going to ask you, and you are going to be prepared, you’re going to have a solid folder that you can give to your lawyer at your meeting. You’re not going to waste time going over history, or how do you spell your name, what are the ages of your children, etc. You will have that in your folder, and you will provide it to your lawyer. I hope you understand why this is so critical. The team and I have put this together, pretty much as a gift, because we’re giving it away to help people get through this and help you. 

At a time like this, you should not go alone. There’s too much on the line here. If you do not get the proper intel into what goes on behind the scenes, you will make the same mistakes that everyone before made. So, do yourself a favour and get a copy of this course. It’s called the Covert Divorce Plan. You can start compiling all of your information and we show you how to put it together to present it at your legal meeting. You will be so far in front of most other people, it will blow the mind of your lawyer, and I can tell you, your partner will not be doing anything like this. 

If this sounds like something that is going to help you get through this emotional time, go to, click on programs, and you will see The Covert Divorce Plan. As I said, I have priced this at a giveaway price, given the work that the team and I’ve put into it, just to help you get through this. 

It is a must for everyone that is going through a divorce. So, do yourself a favour, get your copy, and get started. It’s blowing the lawyers minds, they’re saying, look, if every client did this course before they come to us, we could help many more people, we would have more people that understand what’s going to happen when we go through our initial meeting. You’re going to save a fortune, and I want you to have that money for your future. I don’t want you to spend your hard-earned money on a legal bill. You need to control the situation, not your lawyer. 

All right, guys, that’s it for this week, and I will talk to you again soon. Bye for now.

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