The Jelly Bean Jar – Ebook


Ebook where Tanya spills the beans on the money-making machine in Australia, and explains how to use your relationship breakup as the building blocks for future relationships in order to find love and happiness. By changing the way you think about yourself and your future endeavors, and learning the tools to be completely autonomous, anything is possible.


What if there was a better way to get divorced? One where you didn’t feel vulnerable, alone, and overwhelmed, and instead were in control, supported, and full of expectation?

What if you could be given the roadmap to your future, one of independence and financial freedom?

Tanya Somerton, Divorce Advice Expert, has been where you are now. Having endured the terrifying and complicated process of divorce, she used her experience to create the Ultimate Divorce Experience and is now helping women survive their separations through her company

In The Jelly Bean Jar, Tanya reveals her blueprint for a successful divorce, from dealing with professionals to save you time and money, the questions you need to ask, and the tricks and tools to set yourself up for future success and independence.