The Jelly Bean Jar – Hard Copy


Don’t let your circumstance control you, instead why not take charge? We want to support you during these tough times.
If you’re one of the thousands of people going through a divorce or a separation – why not discover the answer to the many issues that keep you awake at night.. Tanya has been through it all and she shares her full experience, not to mention the skills she teaches her many clients. You may or may not be aware but divorce can be simply, just not easy. Be ahead of the game by having a better understanding of how the divorce industry operates and what steps you can take to protect your future.
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About the Author.
As a result of finalising a 22-year marriage and therefore finding herself starting out from scratch. It was dealing with the Divorce process in Australia that made Tanya Somerton realise the gap in the market. Due to Tanya’s determination and consequently looking for an efficient and streamline way of dealing with the legalities and financial protocol required to finalising her marriage. Hence, there seemed to be no arrangement of teamwork involved, and continually repeating her story was draining. Her team of professionals all worked independently, and therefore, never wanting to share information unless she paid. Furthermore making her circumstance even more grueling given what she was experiencing.

Returning to work after 16 years at home with her three children and no knowledge of corporate life. She used the next seven years as a learning experience. As a result of living with an entrepreneurial spirit, she built the foundations and networks to expand her horizon.  Using her salary to service mortgages, she purchased numerous investment properties around Australia. Tanya was featured in ‘Your Investment Property Magazine’ and in 2015 went on to become a qualified Mortgage Broker and started her own firm:

Turning her passion for helping women, opened the doors to a network of like-minded individuals and female business owners. These women wanted to support and be involved with Tanya’s vision.  Working together they help build a ‘One Stop Divorce shop’. Today with her ‘army of angels’ and a fee for service business model. Empowering independence through all areas of life and building a stable future became the cores values, and a new business was born:

Turning dust into diamonds.
Tanya’s trademark is ‘Turning dust into diamonds’ ethos and most noteworthy, unbiased teamwork. Every situation is completely different and treated with respect. Most of all, she takes personal pride in supporting her clients, As they deal with divorce and even greater pleasure providing a future framework to set them up for lifelong success. Her business funnel prevents any unnecessary mistakes, and there is not one thing she hasn’t thought of, including ongoing support groups and seminars.

Tanya’s first book, The Jelly Bean Jar, is essential reading for anyone dealing with a Relationship Breakup. Packed with information regarding children, the legal process, accounting, financial services, counseling, future building blocks and most importantly mindset and forgiveness. Her own experience in this area and business knowledge. Tanya provides nuggets of information to help guide the reader through life’s most unexpected curveball.

Now happily remarried, she lives with her dual Australian and World championship fishing husband. They travel Australia and the World finding beautiful places to dive and fish and appreciate the life they live.

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