From every ending comes a new beginning.

Divorce Success?? It certainly doesn’t feel like that when you’re facing divorce, the death of your spouse, or any other equally challenging life transition. As a result, you’re probably feeling tired, stressed, ill-prepared, and confused. The result is usually inaction.

Inaction leads to your life crumbling in ruins. Consequently you want to reach out for help, but you don’t know where to go or who you can trust. What if the ”professionals” lack integrity and could take you for all you’re worth?

First of all, I know where you are, because I’ve been there myself, and my biggest worry was not having Divorce Success.

After living on a large property with a tennis court and a pool, travelling the world and having three children at private schools and feeling like l had it all. To separated, having to go back to work and as a result living in a rented unit. Hence, l know what it is like to be on your own and feel overwhelmed!

l had to take steps and rely on me, to become financially independent and to be strong in my own right. Because in my divorce journey through personal and financial transformation, l discovered that there were individuals out there who truly wanted to help women like me. Women like you! These individuals treated me like a person, not just a number or a fee. That’s when l knew every WOMAN deserved divorce success, as their lives transitioned, and as a result be dealt with kindness and compassion.

For you l created my ‘Army of Angels’, and provide the answers to your divorce success.

Angel Army

Legal Support and Alternatives

A troop of lawyers for your every need: Family, Corporate, Estate Planning, Property and General advice. But if it seems, they are not required I have other options available too.


Surviving financially is the greatest burden. Therefore, the wrong advice can set you back years. My choir of finance angels have your best interests at heart and we have everything covered; superannuation and insurance, accounting and/or mortgage concerns. Most noteworthy, l have just the team of women to get that mess sorted and structure your future success.


In addition, after being part of a relationship for so long, your emotions have never been so raw. Even in a room full of people you feel alone and scared. It’s OK, there is a support network of like minded and caring women ready to hold your hand, with professionals just a call away.


Finally, your future is now in your hands. I am here to support, and you can rest easy knowing that my team and l will be here from the start to the finish of your divorce process. We will help you build a powerful foundation, emotionally and financially hence starting the next amazing chapter of your life.

PLUS everything you will need for a bright future.

If you need additional support, l also have a team of therapists, image consultants, fantastic buyers advocates and real estate agents, the list goes on.  All prepared to provide that supporting hand you need to move on with Grace and Poise.

Stop Dreaming and Start Doing.


Still scared, that is normal. Taking this next step and starting your new life brings everything to reality. I promise you a free chat will not hurt and the information can put you at ease. Your divorce success depends on what you do next.

What other women are saying about TANYA SOMERTON Pty Ltd

Don’t just take it from me, listen to others who have been through the old fashion way and limited their divorce success.

“What Tanya has developed is absolutely needed in today’s society. Not only has she looked at divorce as an emotional time for her clients and how to protect their wellbeing, she has considered every aspect from legal to life after divorce. It certainly is a ‘One Stop Divorce Shop’.”


“My biggest regret when l got divorced was not seeking the right advice. It cost me time and far too much MONEY. Knowing that there is a business, operated by women, to protect and guide (women) through this turmoil is a God Send for others that will go through this life event.


Not only has Tanya put together a group of businesses who are highly sort after, she has brought together every possible business needed. She has complied Emotional and Fundamental arms to protect her client’s entire welfare including an approach of looking after them well after the Divorce is all ‘said and done’. I’ve personal used these services and could not be happier with the level of service and advise given.


Two years ago I made the decision to leave my husband. Stumbling my way through the jungle of professionals and paperwork, settling our finances some twelve months later. I wish this service was available back then and most importantly the continued support network. Still today, l find myself in situations where I don’t know where to go for information and love the idea of a Hand Holding Community


I have done all the work for you, not only have l thought about your physical and emotional needs, l have built a tribe of women who have gone through the same things you are dealing with. We can save you time and money and set you up for future success. What is there to loose? And who knows you might just find your new BFF!

Don't Be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.